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4 Drills to Manage Shoulder Pain

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Your shoulder pain rehab regimen may need an overhaul! Here are some tips and tricks from our expert Dr. Marryshow.


Shoulder pain is such an epidemic that often doesn’t get enough attention. The usual course of care with a painful shoulder is to either ignore it or just use the other one hoping that things miraculously change. The reality is shoulder pain more often than not doesn’t just spontaneously resolve itself. It takes conscious effort and a lot of commitment.

The current state of common exercise drills to take care of your shoulder pain are often limited to a couple exercises that usually involved external and internal rotation of the shoulder often with a resistance band. These are great exercises as they introduce load and low levels of healthy stress to the shoulder joint that stimulates more strength. However, the shoulder needs to be challenged in different ways.

Lets dive into 4 more drills for your shoulder to help you along your shoulder rehab journey


  1. Sometimes acting like a bear is all you need to do


The bear crawl is an amazing exercise to stimulate shoulder stability. The bear crawl forces you to increase the load tolerance of your shoulder in a very safe way. As you walk through the crawl you are putting various forms of stress and demand to increase the capacity of your shoulder. The more fit your shoulder is the better off it will be.


Here is a helpful instructional video breaking down the elements of the bear crawl.


BEAR CRAWL FOR SHOULDER REHAB PART 2🐻! . [Shoulder pain 💥 fix PART 12] Now that you got a chance to master the stationary bear crawl position you're now ready to start CRAWLING!💪 If you missed the last post go check it out to learn the necessary shoulder blade positioning to make the bear crawl safe and effective😏 When you start crawling you increase the load on the shoulder which increases the challenge resulting in an increase of GAINS!💪 As you crawl and only one arm and one foot is in contact with the ground you have to work harder to keep your shoulder stable and your shoulder blade in the same position. The goal is to maintain the "spreading" action of the shoulder blades even when only one arm is in contact with the ground. Easier said then done😐 ADVANCED VERSION- Slow down the walk to a snail pace so that it takes you a count of 3s before you recontact the ground with the leg and hand that were up in the air Walk the length of the gym, field, hallway or wherever you get your bear crawl in. Just make sure to accumulate 20-30 steps forward and 20-30 steps backward. Enjoy ✌ #myodetox #futureproofyourbody #wordsyoucouldreadandfeel #myoshoulderrehab

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  1. The wonders you could create with a lacrosse ball


Shoulder internal rotation is simply the movement of bringing your arm out to the side, bending your elbow to 90 degrees and dropping your palm down towards the ground. This movement says a lot about your shoulder health. If it feels tight, difficult or labored you probably need to increase that range of motion.


Here is a video demonstration showing what shoulder internal rotation is and how to use a lacrosse ball to help improve it.


HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SHOULDER MOBILITY AT HOME [Shoulder pain 💥 fix PART 3] If you used the last post to figure out that you need to improve your shoulder range of motion/mobility this one's for you😓 So the shoulder capsule is just a bunch of dense ligaments that surrounds the shoulder joint as depicted in the bottom left picture. The capsule has the potential to get tight and limit your ability to create healthy shoulder joint positioning (centration we talked about in bucket #2). So we're already getting on that 2 birds one stone😏. But the focus is improving range first and foremost If you find your shoulders round forward this is a great way to work through tension that could be contributing Here in the 📽 I breakdown a quick and easy hack with a lacrosse ball to self release that posterior shoulder tension to help improve your range of motion🤗 INSTRUCTIONS . 🔌Find your acromion process (that pointy bone at the top of your shoulder). . 🔌 Slide off of it down the back of the shoulder until you pass bone and fall into muscle. . 🔌Lie on your side and place the ball right in that depression you found with your finger. . . 🔌Take your opposite hand and place it on the back of that hand. . 🔌 Pull your arm down slowly to a comfortable range of shoulder internal rotation PLEASE NOTE[I kinda rushed through that and cranked on my shoulder I suggest you go nice and slow until you hit what feels like the end but a comfortable point] . . 🔌Hold for 10s lightly and gently then release and repeat 3x/side. . . #myodetox #futureproofyourbody #wordsyoucouldreadandfeel #myoshoulderseries

A post shared by Dr. Kevin Marryshow (@drkev_hybrid) on



  1. Getting your arm up overhead is a luxury


Many people have a hard time getting their arm up overhead because of tightness or simply because it is painful. Often we just lay off of reaching overhead when it is difficult to do hoping that one day it becomes easier. The reality is it often doesn’t get easier without working on it. The overhead reach is a crucial movement to living as so many things we need to do on a daily basis requires our uninhibited ability to reach up.


This video is a great breakdown of the overhead reach and how to improve on whatever reaching ability you currently have.


SHOULDER FEEL STUCK OR PAINFUL WHEN REACHING OVERHEAD? . [Shoulder pain 💥 fix PART 9] Here in this shoulder rehab drill we're working on improving your overhead reach. The more range of motion and control you have when your arm goes up overhead the better off your shoulder health is going to be🤗 The term "end range" just means that when you move your shoulder up overhead how far can it go before you run out of room. That point is your "end range". Hence why this is called "END RANGE" LIFT UPS🤓. These are amazing for pain with reaching, overhead press, bench press and pushups A crucial way of reducing pain and improving shoulder strength when you reach up overhead is to get in a position that gets your arm overhead but has your arm and shoulder supported. [here the ground is supporting our shoulder]. So what we're doing is trying to build up the shoulder's "tolerance" which will ⬇ pain and increase strength💆🏼 . Do 10 reps/3 sets of 3s holds/side✌ . . . #myodetox #futureproofyourbody #wordsyoucouldreadandfeel #last3postsonthemainstage #changegoncome

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  1. If you have a stability ball get ready to get creative with it your shoulder will thank you


The quadruped position [being on all fours] is a great way to start loading up a painful shoulder in a very safe way as you saw with the bear crawl. With the stability ball wall push there are so many positive things going on when it comes to increasing your shoulder health. The act of pushing has a very healthy output on the shoulder and the more of it you can do in a pain free position the better.


Here is a new and creative way to use a stability ball to spice up your shoulder rehab.


A STABILITY BALL COULD SAVE YOUR PAINFUL SHOULDER🤓 . [Shoulder pain ⚡️ rehab PART 18] . Most of you have been expressing that your shoulder pain happens when you bring your arms overhead or when doing an incline bench press or military press . A great way to combat that is to get stronger and more in control with your arm overhead💪🏼. However, we have to find drills that allow us to get our arms up overhead while being minimally uncomfortable or best case pain free😏 . This is an incredible drill for that. Being in the all fours position with your hand placed on a stability ball simulates having your arm up overhead. However it typically causes minimal to no discomfort for those having pain working out overhead which is always important in rehab . Pushing into the ball and into the ground will fire up your shoulder stabilizers which are so important in injury prevention . INSTRUCTIONS . 1️⃣ Get into the all 4s position(hands&knees) . 2️⃣Place a stability ball on the wall and hold it there with your arm over head [you could do it right against the wall if you don't have a ball] . 3️⃣ tighten your core, push your hand into the ball and the other hand into the ground . 4️⃣hold for 10s take a break and repeat 3x/side . . It is a lot more challenging then it looks. You'll actually feel like you just did an upper body workout if you max out on this drill😏 . Give it a try and mix it in with your shoulder workout it's great for rehab but just as effective for increasing shoulder strength . TAG A FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN GRINDING FOR THOSE BOULDERS💪 . . . #myodetox #futureproofyourbody #wordsyoucouldreadandfeel

A post shared by Dr. Kevin Marryshow (@drkev_hybrid) on


There you go! 4 new drills to add to your shoulder rehab arsenal. As mentioned before don’t wait on your shoulder to resolve itself start giving it more variety and different forms of stimulus. The benefits will speak for itself in the long run.



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