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Dr. Nibber’s blog is dedicated to setting the record straight on natural ingredients by dispelling common myths and highlighting truths on the basis of solid science. The end-result? Informed consumers that demand legitimacy and credibility from the supplement world, making safe, effective & high-quality products more available to you.


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Oils, Oils, Oils!

In part two of our Healthy Cooking Series let’s take a look at how to make the most of your healthy fats. What oils should you cook with and which should you leave for the salad dressing?  Cooking with oils is pretty common in North American food preparation. While some types of oils are better suited to heating at these high temperatures, what has been firmly established is that when oils are exposed to high temperatures they are subject to a number of chemical reactions. Side effects of these reactions (particularly oxidation reactions) can be volatile, evaporate off, or may […]

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PIII: Marathon Training and Nutrition

In the final post of our Marathon Series we examine how to optimize nutrition while in the training, competing, and recovery phases of endurance exercise. I’m sorry, it has to be done, in order to understand why certain foods are best eaten at certain times I have to talk about the biochemistry of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. But we will make it short and sweet. Click on the image below for a full break down of what to eat and when to eat it.  (Click on image for full infographic) FUN FACT: Scientists have developed new technology that allows athletes […]

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Battling Bad Breath

I Smell Pretty… In today’s world we all strive to look and feel our best, making the most of aesthetically appealing elements such as the way we look and the way we smell. Our noses have become very sensitive to all sorts of smells so there’s no wonder we spend so much time and money on smelling heavenly with various hair products, body gels, and perfumes. But it doesn’t stop there. Bad breath can sometimes be detrimental to our efforts and cause people to become self-conscious. What is the root of bad breath, what can be done, and how can […]

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The Great Escape Part V: Aspire to Perspire

When did sweat become such a badge of shame? Is it because there is often an accompanying odour? Or perhaps, the stains on clothing are far too unbearable to see? It seems we have conditioned ourselves to accept only a narrow range of appropriate sweat, time to sweat, and area of our bodies that can sweat. Perhaps if we understood the role of sweat, how it forms and how we can mitigate some of the unpleasant associations, we can get back to just sweating it out.    What is Happening When You Sweat? Sweating is one of our most efficient […]

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The Carrageenan Controversy: Unfounded?

Widely used in the food industry as a gelling or thickening agent, the use of carrageenan as a food additive has been heavily discussed.  In this blog Dr. Nibber will summarize what carrageenan is and will review some of the controversial and unfounded negative health effects of this food additive. What is Carrageenan? Extracted from edible seaweed, carrageenans comprise a family of sulphated polysaccharides. Due to their structure, carrageenans are highly flexible, have large molecular weights, and strong binding capabilities, making them excellent gelling and stabilizing agents.  Despite having no nutritional value, carrageenans provide an excellent alternative to gelatin, as […]

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